Why Choose Massage?


A professional massage is based on many different types of techniques. Massage relaxes both the muscles and the patient. Massage has many benefits including pain relief, increasing blood circulation in localized areas, correction of scar tissue zones, improvement of wound healing and psychological relaxation and reduction of stress.


Types of massage on offer 


  • Traditional, Classic Full Body Massage: Allows the whole body to fully relax. Often pain points are found and can be resolved with appropriate treatment.
  • Sports Massage: Ideal for increased physical activity and stress. Sports massage promotes the rejuvenation process and relaxes parts of the body that are subject to heavy stress. 
  • Neck Massage: During neck massage, the entire shoulder and neck area is massaged up to the head. Neck massages help to relieve headaches and tension in the rotation of the head
  • Back Massage
  • Wellness and Relaxation Massage: Tailored to your request. The intensity of the massages can be varied according to your requirements.
  • Reflexology Massage: The foot reflex zone addresses different areas of the body. Reflexology massage releases blockages and supports organ functions.
  • Shiatsu: Shiatsu stimulates individual points in the body and activates associated organs for better functioning.
  • Dorn Breuss Method

Massages serve the purpose of relaxation as well as possible pain relief. Take your time and try to integrate massage appointments into your schedule.


What to do before and after a massag


In order for a massage to have the most beneficial effect, a few general minimal preparations must be observed. 

  • Massages should always be performed after physical activity (sports or other activities).
  • Treat your body to some peace and serenity after the massage. 
  • Drink plenty of liquid before and after the massage. It is best to drink still water without sugar, carbon dioxide or artificial substances. Water helps increase blood circulation and helps flush out toxins during the massage.
  • Take a shower at home before the massage or ask if there is a shower on site. 
  • Please feel free to call me - I’m happy to chat over the phone - without obligation - so that together, we can make sure all your requirements are met. 

"Trust is the most important element of a massage. Call me now to create a basis for mutual success."


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